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John DeSilvia shares tips to make refinishing your hardwood floor a breeze. Quick 150 palm sander to clean floor. A stable wood ground might be sanded several occasions before that's a problem. That usually includes sanding right down to the naked wood and applying at least 2 and generally three coats of finish.

It's vital to remove all of the dust between finish coats, otherwise you'll have a tough and ugly ground. Ideally, you need to seal the ground on the same day you finish sanding to prevent the open wooden floor from absorbing moisture. On the other hand, you possibly can often get a reduction on a venture to refinish a larger space.

• If the ground itself is in unhealthy form, start with a drum sander; if it just needs refinishing, use a vibrating sander (Step 6) as a substitute. Skilled flooring design and installation service you possibly can depend on before, during and after your mission - that is our pledge to you.

Wooden floors can add an elegant and earthy look to your private home. As a side word: Quite a couple of of our readers have asked about rejuvenating prefinished flooring, probably as a result of many of those flooring were installed long ago and are beginning to show their age.

It's important to totally clean the ground, touch up any deep scratches and roughen the existing end with sanding screens so the brand new end will adhere effectively. But when the polyurethane flakes off as you scrape, or if the surface has a crackled or orange-peel texture (Photograph 3), there's one thing on the previous end preventing the brand new end from adhering properly.

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